Cortland Selantic® sling lifting wind turbine blades

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To harness the wind better, get it up in the air faster.

At Cortland, we understand the challenging and critical nature of wind farm installation lifts. That’s why we design and manufacture custom synthetic sling solutions that provide higher performance and more durable service life compared to steel or commodity round slings—at a fraction of the weight.

Steel wire rope is heavy, difficult to handle, and slows down crane speed. That means more time per lift and decreased productivity. At the same strength, synthetic rope is approximately 86% lighter, so it’s easier to handle and safer to move manually. All of which means significantly reduced rigging time and a more efficient installation process.

Custom Cortland lifting slings used to lift and transport wind farm equipment

Industry-leading, lightweight synthetic lifting slings.

Cortland is the leading supplier of high-performance custom synthetic fiber lifting slings to offshore and onshore wind farm installation contractors. We design custom lifting slings matched to the way components are shipped, the manner in which they will be lifted, and the hooks and other hardware to which the slings will be attached. Easy to move by hand and inspect, slings can be altered and repaired on site if needed. Whether your requirement requires a unique design or a modification to an existing product, our sales and engineering teams will guide you through every detail to ensure a successful solution.

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Cortland’s synthetic products have been instrumental in improving operational efficiency and safety in a diverse range of critical wind farm operations.

Custom Cortland lifting slings used to lift and transport wind farm equipment
Plasma®lifting slings used to assist with wind farm installations
Custom high-performance Cortland Selantic®lifting slings
Custom Cortland Plasma®lifting slings assist with wind farm installations
Cortland lifting slings used for transporting offshore wind farm equipment
Custom Cortland Selantic®lifting slings used with wind turbine nacelles
Custom Cortland Selantic®lifting slings used offshore
Cortland Selantic®Lifting Slings used to transport offshore wind turbine blades