Diving deep to develop innovative solutions.

The deep ocean is an environment completely unfriendly to mankind, with pressures too great for traditional exploration methods. To collect data, scientific research institutions need equipment that can track and monitor changing conditions—while enduring cold temperatures, corrosion, abrasion, fish bite, bend and tension cycling, compression and more. Standard off-the-shelf products simply won’t do.

Deep ocean research demands alternative approaches—innovative cable and rope designs, improved quality control, and specialist materials. Cortland has assisted the research community and designed products to work and survive in this very tough environment.

Synthetic extruded cable for oceanographic research use

Custom solutions that meet stringent requirements.

Cortland designs and manufactures custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of each individual project. Our knowledge of deep water environments and material sciences comes from decades of experience. We deliver solutions that achieve superior strength, durability and efficiency.

Oceanographic Gallery

Custom synthetic solutions that meet the challenges posed by harsh environments and deepwater discoveries.

CTD cable extrusion
Cortland cable grip
Synthetic over braid for strength
BOB® 12x12 rope designed for bend over sheave applications

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