Custom Cortland Selantic® stinger slings


Custom solutions to meet every aspect of the load you need to lift, and the safety of the team below.

Lift loads are getting heavier, conditions more complex, and timeframes shorter. Most important, you have one opportunity to do it right. Around the world, mission critical lifts that don’t have second chances rely on us.

When you partner with Cortland, you tap the experience of skilled team members who have encountered the most demanding situations. With your lift requirements in hand, we guide you through the process to ensure your sling meets every requirement. And before any solution leaves our facility, it’s tested and documented thoroughly to ensure the safety of your lift.

Custom Cortland Selantic® round slings in an offshore application


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It’s a successful lift when it’s a safe lift.

At Cortland, success isn’t marked by sales, but rather the success of our customers. At the same size and strength of steel sling options, synthetic solutions can be up to 86% lighter, significantly improving the safety or your workforce. Synthetic slings are easier to move and control, gentle on the hands, and maintain lifting capacity even when wet. What’s more, our synthetic rope slings are incredibly strong and flexible, so they won’t mar the surfaces of the objects they lift. And since they’re about half the size of standard round slings, they only require about half the hardware width of most high-performance round slings.

All Cortland synthetic fiber slings adhere to DNV Type Approval, ASME and other key standards, and can be customized to meet exacting requirements.

Plasma® braided rope lifting slings

Eye & Eye Slings

Cortland Eye & Eye sling

When spliced into an eye and eye sling, UHMWPE will essentially act as a size-for-size replacement for a traditional steel wire rope sling in terms of strength. Each end is terminated using a Cortland-approved splice which becomes locked in place after proof load testing.

There is a minimum length requirement for eye and eye slings, due to the splice length and free span requirements.

Endless Grommet Slings

Cortland endless grommet sling with formed eyes

Grommets are manufactured by taking the base rope and splicing the ends together to form a continuous loop.

Compared to eye and eye slings, they have increased strength with little to no increase in the chosen rope diameter due to two legs holding the load. They can also be manufactured in shorter lengths because extra material to build the eyes is not needed.

The challenge of endless grommet slings is that their minimum breaking load is directly controlled by the diameter of the pin that they are mounted on. The values below are calculated on an 8:1 D:d. Refer to Plasma® Braided Slings PDF for more information on how to covert to other diameters.

Plasma® braided rope sling

Features / Benefits

  • Available in single leg (eye-and-eye) or endless loop (grommets) configuration
  • Unlimited long lengths, short lengths dependent on size
  • Easy to inspect and repair
  • Torque-free to minimize rotation under load
  • High flex fatigue and abrasion resistance
  • Durable construction for many uses
  • All slings are proof-loaded to 2x rated capacity
  • Can be certified to any standard
  • Custom designs, including hardware if necessary

Quickly and safely rig any load to minimize downtime.

Our high-strength round slings—made from high-performance synthetic fibers—feature endless-loop construction to ensure very low elongation under load. Long-lasting by design, core strength fibers are encased in protective, wear-resistant nylon jackets to make them ideally suited for heavy lifts in extreme environments.

Length verified, and supplied with a proof-loading certificate, you can rely on Cortland sling solutions for the most challenging situations.

Cortland Selantic® Round Slings

We can custom design round slings to meet any application requirements, whether for heavy onshore and offshore lifting, subsea installation, mooring, tethering, or project specific lifting. Our engineering experts have years of experience selecting the optimal core material for any application.

Custom Cortland Selantic® slings

SRS Round Slings

Our high performance SRS™ round slings are available with vertical capacities ranging from 40,000–500,000 lbs (18.2–226.8Te). Standard lengths vary from 5–72ft (1.524–22m). Specify the length at time of order.

Cortland standard SRS™ round sling
Cortland Selantic® round sling

Features / Benefits

  • Lighter, safer, and easier to handle than steel
  • Flexible for compact storage
  • Matched slings are easily achieved, +/- 0.25% of nominal length, +/- 0.394 inches (10 mm) between matched sets
  • Friendly on painted surfaces or sensitive equipment
  • Durable construction
  • Repairable or replaceable jacket
  • Fluorescent jacket available to improve visibility for subsea applications


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One sling fits all.

When lifting loads require different sling lengths, adjustable high-performance synthetic rope slings are ideal tools. Our Extender™ slings, made from Plasma® rope, have one permanent eye and one adjustable eye, so it can be lengthened or shortened to fit different applications. Minimize the number of lifting slings you need to keep in-stock and always have the right size on hand.

All are proof-loaded to 2x WLL (5:1), have less than 1% elongation under WLL, and are properly tagged.

Cortland Extender™ adjustable sling

Features / Benefits

  • UHMWPE high-performance lifting sling
  • One adjustable eye to accommodate a variety of applications
  • Opposing force tightens the adjustable splice to prevent any lengthening
  • No max length limitations
  • Minimum length dependent on rope diameter size
  • Lightweight and flexible for safe and fast rigging
  • Easy to inspect
  • Durable cut-resistant eye terminations
  • Many wear protection options to extend the useful life
  • Available with standard vertical lifting capacities from 10 to 250 tons


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Wear protection to maximize service life to reduce costs.

Durability is a critical factor that influences overall lifting sling costs. Wear protection extends the useful life of slings significantly, for optimal cost efficiency and minimal maintenance. Choose from multiple options that provide increased protection, yet allow for inspection. Each wear protection solution can be customized to meet the needs of any application.

SX™ wear protection

SX wear protection is a braided tubular structure offering 100% protection to the rope.

Cortland Cage™ wear protection

Cortland Cage combines the lightweight, abrasion resistant, and non-water-absorbing properties of HMPE fiber in a braided cover sleeve.

Asgard™ wear protection

Asgard wear protection is made from HMPE and PNW fibers in a woven, laminated and PU‑coated construction and built in a layered design.

DXC™ wear protection

DXC wear protection is a tightly braided tubular polyester chafe sleeve with proprietary marine polyurethane coating for use in extreme applications.

XT™ wear protection

XT wear protection is a tightly braided tubular polyester chafe sleeve with proprietary heavy marine polyurethane coating for use in extreme chafe applications. Less flexible than other chafe options.

PNW™ tubular wear protection

PNW tubular wear protection is a woven fiber material and the most commonly used protection for abrasion. This wear protection is a permanent installation. Standard colors are black or orange.

PNW™ hook-and-clasp wear protection

PNW with hook-and-clasp securement is a woven fiber material and the most commonly used protection for abrasion. It can be removable or replaceable and is available in black or orange.

Integrated hardware, custom designed for synthetic solutions.

Cortland continually develops new items of hardware that can interface with our synthetic sling systems. Some hardware components are specially designed for ROV installation without the need for costly diver intervention. For instance, WLL 100t hooks and slings can be manufactured to a weight of <100Kg, enabling an ROV to handle such a system.

Cortland also offers custom-designed hooks for load transfer operations and pull-in operations, according to client-specific dimensions and capacity requirements. Examples include hooks, delta plates, plate shackles, and spreader bars.

Cortland Selantic® custom ROV hook

Features / Benefits

  • ROV and sling friendly designs
  • Variety of latch options
  • Project-specific capacities
  • Delivered with full design package (structural, corrosion and fatigue)