Plasma® rope lifting slings positioning a large boring machine into place

Industrial & Construction

Synthetic solutions built to save you time and money.

Industrial and construction projects pose many lifting and towing challenges where ropes need to be engineered strong and durable enough to perform the lift, while integrating with your hardware. For more than 40 years, Cortland has led the transition from steel wire ropes to synthetics in critical heavy lift industries, from marine to mining, helping operations run safer and smoother with a wide range of synthetic solutions.

We engineer synthetic fiber ropes that can absorb high dynamic loads, be spliced to tight tolerances, and resist elongation in use. At the same diameter, synthetics have the same strength as steel wire, but are only a fraction of the weight. They put less restriction on the capacity of cranes, are softer on the hands, and don’t mar the surfaces of the objects they lift.

Plasma® rope slings lifting an overhead bridge crane

Rig and lift the heaviest of loads quickly and safely.

Our high-performance synthetic ropes are extremely strong, durable and flexible. Easier to move and control, our ropes reduce rigging time, enabling your team to work safer and more efficiently. We engineer custom and standard solutions, and provide wear protection for added protection against sharp corners or abrasive surfaces.

Industrial & Construction Gallery

From project-based critical lifts to engineered lifts, our synthetic solutions are designed to meet the industry’s toughest challenges and improve operational efficiencies.

Plasma® rope in an industrial application
Custom Plasma® synthetic rope sling solution performing the lift of an overhead bridge crane at a steel mill
Custom Plasma® synthetic rope sling solution reduced rigging time from an estimated 20 hours to just 5 hours during this 1 day project, which was 6–8 months in planning.
Cortland lifting solution being prepared
Installing Plasma® rope slings on a 495 ton lift
Plasma® rope slings performing a crane lift
Installing a Plasma® rope sling before a heavy lift
Synthetic rope is surface-friendly and bends around equipment for a lift