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Quality is woven into the fiber of every rope and assembly we manufacture.

Cortland strives to be the most innovative and specialized global manufacturer of braided synthetic fiber ropes, and rope fabrications. Committed to a quality system, we ensure our policies, goals, and objectives are accomplished through individual and collective efforts to maximize our ability to develop custom products that meet diverse needs for the toughest environments on land, at sea and in the air.

Quality is one of the cornerstones of our cultural foundation. We follow best-in-class practices and maintain a continual focus on procedural discipline and innovation to meet customer’s requirements and expectations.

Quality Policy

Cortland provides engineered solutions to product design and manufacturing for various industries. We are committed to complying with regulatory requirements, meeting our customer requirements, and continually improving and maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

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Our goal isn’t to simply meet your expectations. It’s to exceed them.

We achieve this by continually finding new, smarter ways to work from design to production. Since our founding in 1979, we’ve implemented a rich and lean culture of engaged individuals, all dedicated to solving problems and making things better. Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing is an integral part of our culture, driving continual optimization and improvement of our processes.

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Everyone, every day, everywhere!

  • We encourage employee participation and ideas. Change is good!
  • Data driven processes and decision through statistical analysis and process mapping
  • Implementation plans to avoid unintended consequences
  • High-level of accuracy
  • Control methods
  • Continuous improvements
  • Reduction of non-value-added activities
  • Customer-focused

Providing first-rate quality consistently.

We ensure customer requirements are always fulfilled. Quality control is a crucial part of our quality management system. We rigorously inspect critical product manufacturing steps and deliver exactly what we promise by ensuring all operational techniques and activities are performed in accordance with our Quality Assurance policy.

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Quality Management Certifications

Cortland provides complete peace of mind and reassurance that our products and services meet customer-specified contractual and project requirements. Our quality systems are globally accredited and regularly audited.

Our facilities in Anacortes, WA and Stafford, TX are ISO 9001:2015 certified under the scope for the Design, Manufacture and Testing of Synthetic Fiber Round Slings, Fabrication, and Testing of Synthetic Fiber Rope. We are also registered on the United States Defense Logistics Agency Qualified Suppliers List of Manufacturers (QSLM).

Well-known for setting industry standards, we are one of the first synthetic fiber rope manufacturers to receive Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Type Approval and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval. Type Approval programs are based on product design assessments, product testing, plant surveys, and annual surveys of the manufacturing facility.

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Committed to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

Health and safety are core values, incorporated into all aspects of how we do business. All of our activities, undertakings, and operations are conducted with regard to life and the environment, and we continually develop new ways to conduct our business in a safe and sustainable manner.

To ensure QHSE objectives and targets are always maintained and improved, we measure and monitor QHSE achievements through regular inspections, audits and taking corrective and preventative actions.

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Zero injuries
Zero incidents
Zero pollutants
Zero defects
Zero complaints

Safety Policy

Cortland is committed to the health and safety of every employee, and to maintaining an incident-free workplace. We continually improve our safety culture through effective and ongoing safety management, education and training.

Cortland Company ensures:

  • Safety Objectives and Goals are established and maintained on an annual basis with a focus on the achievement of zero safety incidents.
  • Safety Objectives and Goals are monitored and measured on a continuous basis to evaluate if safety activities are effective.
  • Safety and health assessments are conducted to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards, and verify compliance with safety and health policies.
  • Training and development activities are established and maintained to ensure all employees are competent and trained in safe work practices and procedures.
  • Mechanical and physical safeguards are implemented wherever they are necessary.
  • Company safety and health standards required by law are complied with at all times.
  • Compliance with safety policy and procedures is considered a condition of employment.
  • Safety incidents are investigated to determine and eliminate the cause and to implement measures to prevent the reoccurrence of a similar incident.

A safe work environment can only be established and sustained through a united effort by all employees. We ensure each employee is dedicated to our safety culture and actively participates in eliminating safety hazards and unsafe actions.

An example of safety equipment used to maintain an incident-free workplace