Utility rope


Ensure safe and steady operations with synthetic lines.

Stronger and lighter are two key elements of synthetic rope that make it the best choice for pulling overhead power lines and setting poles and transformers. Synthetic lines do not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the recoil of broken wire cables.

Non-conductive and lightweight, our synthetic lines enable safer operations on critical infrastructures of all sizes around the world—from high voltage transmission lines to local distribution lines.

Utility rope

Strong, lightweight solutions for easy and secure handling.

Reduce operation costs with lightweight synthetics that provide the same strength of steel wire but are much safer and easier to work with. Whether your solution requires high strength, low stretch, heat or abrasion resistance, Cortland manufactures a wide range of solutions for winch, transmission, distribution and stringing lines.

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Used in a wide variety of applications for installation, infrastructure, or general handling, our synthetic solutions have saved significant operational costs by helping customers work faster and safer.

Utility rope in use
Utility winch line
Spools of rope used by utility company
Utility rope
Utility rope
Digger Derrick Winch Lines

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