Cortland Plasma® LoCo™ on tugboat

Commercial Marine

We’re here for you when everything is on the line.

When you think about it, your entire operation depends on the strength and durability of your lines. Using high-performance HMPE fibers, including our original Plasma® brand, we manufacture lines that are firm and flexible with excellent abrasion-resistance for long-term use in harsh marine environments. Our braided manufacturing process ensures a torque-free solution that mitigates twist and won’t slow you down. And to simplify your work, our lines are easy to inspect and splice in the field. Unlike wire rope, there’s no rust, no oiling the core, no fish hooks. What’s more, our Plasma lines float, and minimize water absorption to remain lightweight and easy to handle.

With decades of experience in all aspects of the marine industry, our teams will work to understand your unique situation and solve problems with proven solutions. Our after-sale support is a 24/7 commitment, so lean on us for assistance with on-site splicing, inspections, maintenance, hardware recommendations, line installations, and training.

Cortland synthetic line from tug to ship

Any line. Any time. Anywhere.

Every marine application has unique requirements: environmental conditions, your mechanical systems, hardware, performance demands and more. Our experienced sales/engineering team works with you to find the perfect solution. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions, whether it be: bulk line, modified products, or custom engineered solutions to handle your specific application.

Commercial Marine Gallery

Whether it be for blue water, green water, or brown water our lines help crews work efficiently and safely every day.

Cortland towline in action
Cortland Plasma® rope being installed on a Crowley Tug
Cortland Plasma® winch line with Cortland Cage™ wear protection
Heavily used Cortland winch line
Cortland Plasma® towline in action
Plasma® winch line on hard working tug
Installing Cortland Plasma® line on a tug
Cortland Plasma® winch line on tug