It’s not just rope.
It’s a better way to work.

It’s been more than four decades since we started engineering and manufacturing custom synthetic ropes, slings and hardware. Today, you’ll find our solutions in the toughest environments on land, at sea and in the air. So show us your most challenging projects. We’re ready to work together to solve them.

Plasma 12x12 rope

Strength and flexibility combined.

Cortland shares deep material, engineering and market application knowledge with a broad range of industries. Rely on our team for strong technical support and flexible field service—24/7. After all, we seek partnerships, not transactions.

Synthetic fiber solutions work harder than you think.

Stronger than Steel

Modern high-strength synthetic fibers are incredibly strong and durable. With protective, replaceable sleeves on stress and wear points, synthetics can be used in the roughest situations.

Safer by Design

For personnel and equipment, synthetic rope is safer. Its soft finish is easy to handle, and lighter weight helps prevent injuries. If it should break, synthetic rope fails thread by thread rather than recoiling uncontrollably.

86% Lighter

Synthetics are up to 86% lighter than steel rope of the same diameter. Being easier to transport, inspect, deploy and store, synthetic rope pays you back with labor and equipment savings every time it’s used.

The power and promise of purple.

Some 20+ years ago, the engineers at Cortland set out to build a better synthetic rope solution. With decades of use and tens of thousands of applications, Cortland Plasma 12×12—that purple rope—is still leading the industry.

Custom synthetic fiber solutions for demanding applications.

Synthetic solutions will change the way you work for the better.

The great majority of our clients require tailor-made solutions. We step up to every challenge with an engineered product that fits their unique needs.