Cortland Selantic® high-performance lifting slings

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Vast engineering expertise for the deepest challenges.

Cortland’s products have been instrumental in improving operational efficiency and safety for the oil & gas market. Our engineered heavy lift slings including Selantic® slings, mid water arch tethers, deepwater deployment and recovery systems, and specialty seismic products are among the highest rated in the world. Up to 86% lighter than steel rope and softer on the hands and surfaces they interface with, synthetic solutions save huge transportation, storage and setup costs. Synthetics are also remarkably durable and will not rust or corrode in salt or freshwater.

With more than four decades of experience, we continue to solve the industry’s toughest operational challenges. From designing a rope heavy enough to sit on the sea floor but light enough for an ROV to manipulate, to engineering lifting solutions for the world’s deepest production sites. We know our customers applications and have an unrivaled understanding of fiber and rope performance behaviors to provide the safest, most effective solution.

Preparing for heavy lift with Cortland Plasma® rope

Minimize downtime by improving operational efficiencies.

Our engineered solutions make the industry’s most difficult projects possible, while reducing operational costs and risk of injury to put customers at ease. We provide standard offerings, yet any solution can be customized—from release bags and hardware to subsea load-transfer slings and hooks. We also provide the industry’s top-rated Selantic® slings, tethers and hardware.

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Synthetic solutions help operators work faster and safer, supporting sustained operational excellence.

Cortland offshore lifting slings
High-performance Cortland Selantic® slings
Cortland Selantic®lifting slings in an offshore installation
Cortland Selantic® slings being used offshore
Cortland Selantic® slings being used offshore
Cortland Selantic® slings used in decommissioning project
Cortland BOB® rope in use
Cortland Cable Grips

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