Rope Accessories

A wide range of solutions to enhance rope performance.

We provide innovative connectors for reliable connections, wear protection solutions that enhance the service life of your rope, can design custom fiber-friendly hardware for your application, and offer a variety of specialty coatings and colors.


Synthetic Connector
A safer, stronger, superior soft connector

For the longest time there was one type of shackle to use, made from steel. Advancements in synthetic ropes have brought about soft shackle designs. Soft shackles effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard metal shackle from the load path. But the strength of most existing soft shackles relies heavily on a knot, and knots can fail. They also become hard to undo once used. Additionally, most conventional soft shackles are not designed to interface with ropes that have similar breaking strengths.

Light, Safe, Secure

Meet the contender to knotted soft shackles. No longer do you need to worry about a knot which creates unpredictable results and wastes material. Introducing the Synthetic Connector from Cortland. With working load limits from 22,050–176,400 lbs. and a minimum breaking strength of 110,250–882,000 lbs., these products are ideal for a wide range of commercial marine, mining, and industrial towing applications.

Patent-pending, lightweight and flexible, these Synthetic Connectors can be opened and closed quickly without the need for any additional equipment and are self-locking under load. To address friction and abrasion, they feature a braided SX jacket for enhanced abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability in the toughest environments.

Backed by Extensive Testing

As with any new technology, rigorous testing for both safety and efficacy is essential.

Testing included more than 15,000 cycles at WLL and 2.5x WLL at 1:1 D:d ratios. It also included tension fatigue testing and break testing to ensure reliability in all conditions. All testing was conducted with rope-on-rope connections to simulate field usage. During testing, Cortland’s engineering team ensured that the ropes being connected did not lose strength due to being connected to the Synthetic Connector as opposed to conventional soft shackles.

The results? The Synthetic Connector increased in strength with minimal wear to its durable jacket.

Part NumberWorking Load (lbs)Minimum Breaking Load (lbs)Weight (lbs)Standard Length (in)Leg Dia. (in)Minimum
Connection Diameter (in)
SYNTH CONN 10TE22,050110,2502.7121.151.15
SYNTH CONN 15TE33,075165,3755.9161.381.38
SYNTH CONN 25TE55,125275,62510.5201.881.88
SYNTH CONN 33TE72,765363,82512.0262.12.1
SYNTH CONN 45TE99,225496,12521.2262.32.3
SYNTH CONN 55TE121,275606,37529.8322.62.6
SYNTH CONN 80TE176,400882,00046.6383.13.1

* Based on 5:1 Factor of Safety
* Based on D:d of 1:1 – compare to competitive solutions at higher D:d
Additional sizes available upon request

Part NumberWorking Load* (Te)Minimum Breaking Load (Te)Weight (kg)Standard Length (mm)Leg Dia. (mm)Minimum
Connection Diameter (mm)
SYNTH CONN 10TE10501.23052929
SYNTH CONN 15TE15752.74053535
SYNTH CONN 25TE251254.85104848
SYNTH CONN 33TE331655.46605353
SYNTH CONN 45TE452259.66605858
SYNTH CONN 55TE5527513.58106666
SYNTH CONN 80TE8040021.19608080

* Based on 5:1 Factor of Safety
* Based on D:d of 1:1 – compare to competitive solutions at higher D:d
Additional sizes available upon request

** US and international patents pending, international rights reserved, © Copyright 2024

Soft connector

Features / Benefits

  • Safer than a steel or synthetic knot shackle
  • More secure and reliable than a conventional soft shackle
  • Lighter than a conventional soft shackle
  • Patent pending UHMWPE fiber core construction design and technology**
  • Thoroughly tested to meet design and safety standards
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to handle, install and remove
  • Excellent energy absorption for safety
  • The eye fits easily around the pin


  • Towing
  • Winchline recovery
  • This product has not been designed or specified for use in overhead lifting applications

Wear Protection

Reduce costs by protecting the most critical parts of your rope.

Get extra defense against heat, abrasion, cutting, dirt and other harsh elements. Wear protection extends the useful life of rope significantly and minimizes maintenance. Choose from multiple options that enhance durability and visibility, yet allow for inspection. Each wear protection solution can be customized to meet the needs of any application.

SX™ wear protection

SX wear protection is a braided tubular structure offering 100% protection to the rope.

Cortland Cage™ wear protection

Cortland Cage combines the lightweight, abrasion resistant, and non-water-absorbing properties of HMPE fiber in a braided cover sleeve.

Asgard™ wear protection

Asgard wear protection is made from HMPE and PNW fibers in a woven, laminated and PU‑coated construction and built in a layered design.

DXC™ wear protection

DXC wear protection is a tightly braided tubular polyester chafe sleeve with proprietary marine polyurethane coating for use in extreme applications.

XT™ wear protection

XT wear protection is a tightly braided tubular polyester chafe sleeve with proprietary heavy marine polyurethane coating for use in extreme chafe applications. Less flexible than other chafe options.

PNW™ tubular wear protection

PNW tubular wear protection is a woven fiber material and the most commonly used protection for abrasion. This wear protection is a permanent installation. Standard colors are black or orange.

PNW™ hook-and-clasp wear protection

PNW with hook-and-clasp securement is a woven fiber material and the most commonly used protection for abrasion. It can be removable or replaceable and is available in black or orange.

Integrated Hardware

Hardware designed for use with synthetics.

Our engineers can design custom hardware for synthetic rope solutions based on your dimensions and capacity requirements. Hardware solutions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Hooks
  • Delta Plates & Plate Shackles
  • Tether Anchor Connections
  • Riser Base Anchors/Suction Piles
Cortland Selantic® custom ROV hook

Coatings & Colors

Increase or reduce friction to maximize rope life.

Cortland’s proprietary HiCo coating has a much higher coefficient of friction than a standard coating, enabling better gripping in applications. For example, a HiCo coating minimizes rope slippage on winch drums or capstans, saving the rope from excess heat damage.

LoCo is our reduced coefficient of friction coating, used to reduce internal heat build-up and abrasion caused by constant tension-tension fatigue and relative movement between the rope and fixed surfaces. This coating also provides improved UV resistance.

High coefficient of friction coating and Low coefficient of friction coating

Different colors for easy identification.

Our rope constructions are provided in a standard color, as shown for each. But most of our rope constructions are available in other colors upon request. If you’re looking or a specific color for easy identification or for keying colors to specific operations, please contact us.

Rope color options