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Synthetic Rope and Strength Members

We engineer and manufacture rope and strength members using the right combination of materials, constructions, and jackets to meet your strictest application requirements. These include the market leading PLASMA® and the cutting edge technology of BOB® (Braid Optimized for Bending) designed specifically for deep water lifting operations. To find out more about our wide range of applications, just click on the links below.

Offshore Working & Lifting Lines

A wide range of Lifting Lines for use in offshore, military, and special applications.

Buoy Mooring Systems

Oceanographic buoy mooring systems custom-built to suit any application.

Tug & Salvage Lines

A wide range of tug lines for ship assist, towing, and escort  tasks.

Inland River Lines

Synthetic ropes replacing "wing" and "face" wires for greater crew safety, time, and cost savings.

Ship and Barge Mooring Lines

A wide range of synthetic fiber mooring line solutions.

Mining Tow Lines

Safe, high productivity solutions for winching, lifting, towing and recovery.

Stay Cables

High strength, low stretch synthetic fibers for use as tensioned cables.

Wear Protection

A wide array of synthetic fiber options for extra chafe and cut protection.

Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips

Solutions for winch, transmission, distribution, and stringing lines.

Utility & RV Winch Lines

A wide range of Winch Lines for use across a diverse number of industries.

Theatrical Rigging Lines

Theatrical rigging lines offering artists the utmost safety and reassurance on stage.  

Commercial Fishing Lines

A wide range of Commercial Fishing Lines.

Emergency Tow Packages

Complete emergency rope assemblies in a weather proof container.
Seismic Products

Seismic Products

Custom engineered cable solutions for seismic exploration.


Custom cables with suitable optical and electrical signal, electrical power, and mechanical strength.
Cable Terminations

Cable Grips

Cable Grips are designed to minimize any external damage to cables or rope.