Plasma® 12×12

Cortland Plasma® 12×12. The first, and still the best.

Some 20+ years ago, the engineers at Cortland set out to build a better synthetic rope solution. One with greater strength than anything ever manufactured. One that could handle virtually every environmental condition on land, water and under water. And one whose design enables field repairs to keep mission-critical operations up and running.

These elements were at the core of the concept of Cortland Plasma 12×12, and that purple rope is still number one to this day.

The perfect balance of twisting and braiding.

It’s counterintuitive to think that the industry’s strongest rope starts with fibers much thinner than a human hair. But the fibers alone don’t make the rope—it’s how those fibers are twisted to form strands, and how strands are then braided to maximize abrasion resistance and strength. No other manufacturer approaches 12×12 like Cortland. From reliability design and engineering, to testing, field trials, residual strength analysis and inspection, we’ve put together the perfect formula that others simply can’t replicate.

Plasma® rope fibers
Plasma® 12x12 braid

Braiding that will handle the load, and make the rope easier to handle.

While Cortland Plasma 12×12 is designed for strength, it’s also designed for easier handling. Our unique braiding process helps prevent twisting and tangling that can slow you down when speed is critical. It’s not only easier to handle, but safer too, as the rope won’t accumulate in winches or other guidance hardware.

A rope that works is one that lets you work with it.

When you have hundreds of yards of rope at sea or deep underground, you can’t simply stop everything if a problem develops. You need the flexibility to make repairs on site. Field-spliced Plasma 12×12 has been proven to retain its strength and reliability. If damage occurs, the rope can be spliced in the field in a few hours and returned to service. That means you stay operational—and profitable. Try that with steel rope!

Splicing rope
Strength and fatigue test bed

Tried, tested and true for decades.

Every Cortland Plasma 12×12 rope diameter is tested to the most rigorous standards in the industry. It starts from the moment raw material enters our facilities, where every bobbin of fiber is subjected to quality checks. While other rope manufacturers use extrapolation to calculate large diameter rope strengths based on small diameter break-test data, Cortland tests every single size of rope from small to large. We configure unique test situations to simulate specific, real-world applications. Thousands of tests have been performed on Plasma 12×12 rope diameters in virtually every environmental situation, where weather, water, sunlight, handling hardware and abrasion can affect rope integrity. The result? Record-setting breaking tests, and a promise to keep pushing boundaries and safety.

Options and hardware for your application.

Every aspect of Cortland Plasma 12×12 rope is considered, including the hardware we engineer specifically for synthetic ropes, and the very fibers that comprise it. And look to Cortland for protective sleeves, custom slings and tethers for demanding applications.

Installing Plasma® rope slings on a 495 ton lift
Plasma® 12x12 inspection team

A global presence, from sales to service.

Cortland Company has manufacturing operations in Washington and Texas as well as global sales offices, distribution partners and service network. We are ready to help specify, train and troubleshoot 24/7, just the way you work.

The power and promise of purple.

When you see the colors and styles of the world’s best products, you know who made it at a glance. The color of a product can immediately establish identity and instill trust. That’s why we manufacture Cortland Plasma 12×12 exclusively in purple. So, when you see purple rope you can rest assured you’re in the company of the very best the industry offers. With decades of use and tens of thousands of applications, there’s a Plasma 12×12 solution ready to back you up safely.