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The Challenge
Installing heavy equipment for the oil and gas industry often requires precision, accuracy and strength, with little room for variance. Fitting an 800 metric ton topsides module onto a platform in the UK North Sea required a lift with millimeter level tolerances. The module needed to remain in a narrow position and at a specified tilt at all times.

The Solution
Cortland supplied a unique hybrid of high performance Plasma® 12×12 rope slings, and Selantic® round slings for the module’s installation, a combination only available through Cortland. The combined solution was chosen for its strength and accuracy, as well as the ability to meet the narrow tolerances required for the lift.

The Project
Installing an 800 tonne topside module offshore was a major project milestone in the lead up to expected production.

Cortland worked with Seaway Heavy Lifting, who were contracted to transport and install the module on an existing platform in the UK North Sea. The Platform will start processing fluids following an offshore hook up and commissioning campaign.

“We trust Cortland for their engineering expertise and their strong track record in providing synthetic slings for critical heavy lifts. Their recommendation to use both Plasma® 12×12 rope slings, and Selantic® round slings, was the solution we needed.” Dirk-Jan Mattaar, Principal Engineer Seaway Heavy Lifting.”

Cortland supplied eight Selantic® slings, along with four Plasma® 12×12 eye-to-eye slings. Selantic® round slings can be produced with high MBLs and tolerances of +/- 0.25% on the nominal lengths.

Plasma® 12×12 is a 12-strand single braided rope in which each of the 12 strands is, in turn, a 12-strand rope. This patented construction addresses the most critical properties of the fibers, to provide very high strength translation efficiency for larger ropes. The design allows for long lay lengths, making the rope more flexible for bending applications; rope that is easy to inspect; and rope that can be quickly spliced using standard 12 strand splicing techniques, making it reusable time and time again.

Cortland lifting slings lifting an 800 tonne topsides module

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