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Case Studies

Specialist cable for mission that’s out of this world

Charting the Cosmos

Cortland’s large-scale manufacturing capabilities were used to create an extraordinary electromechanical cable to help connect Earth with outer space and expose the secrets of the universe.
Fiber rope slings demonstrate size-for-size replacement for wire rope slings

High Level Heavy Lift

Synthetic rope lifting slings from Cortland offered a superior size-for-size replacement for wire rope, and provided a safer, easier, and more efficient solution for this 300 ton lift.
Electromechanical cable proves its reliability on oceanography missions

Revolutionizing Research

A scientific team from the US GEOTRACES program challenged Cortland to create a reliable sampling cable solution that was non-contaminating, lightweight yet strong, and long-lasting.
Smart Engineering

Smart Engineering

A unique lifting and rigging package was devised by Cortland using high performance synthetics to safely remove a heavily degraded 110 ton heat exchanger, and transport it for recycling and scrap.
Deepwater Accuracy

Deepwater Accuracy

Cortland developed a custom rigging solution to transfer a 400 Te steel lazy wave riser from a pipelay and construction vessel to an FPSO in one of the world’s deepest production sites in the Gulf of Mexico.
Heavy Lift Expertise

Heavy Lift Expertise

Cortland engineered heavy lift slings that were essential in completing a major $3 billion municipal infrastructure program named Project Clean Lake.
Towed Airborne Life of Naval Systems (TALONS) Project

TALONS Project

Working with MAPC, Cortland supplied the critical link that allowed the US Navy and DARPA to successfully test new parasailing radar technology.
Cortland tethers delivered crucial support for Rio 2016

Tethers for Rio 2016

Altave, a Brazil based leader in monitoring and telecommunications for large open areas, launched its Altave Omni system at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Push and Pull with Premier Coal

Push and Pull with Premier Coal

Cortland’s Australia engineering provided an innovative bog strop from Plasma® 12x12 strand, combined with a customized sacrificial sling, as a hardwearing, long-lasting tow and recovery solution.
Precision Lift Experts

Precision Lift Experts

Installing heavy equipment for the oil and gas industry often requires precision, accuracy and strength, with little room for variance.
Simplifying Processes, Saving Time

Simplifying Processes, Saving Time

Rig up, lift from barge, and installation of subsea manifolds was streamlined significantly due to Cortland's synthetic sling solutions.
Cortland's Oracle Team USA Case Study

Oracle Team USA

When the Oracle Team USA sailing team decided to move their revolutionary 2010 America’s Cup winning trimaran to a landlocked lake outside Oracle’s corporate complex, they knew it would require a difficult skycrane lift.
Cortland Streamlines U.S. Army Helicopter Recovery Kits

U.S. Army helicopter recovery kits

Working with Kaman Aerospace Cortland designed and built a Unit Maintenance Aerial Recovery Kit (UMARK). A vital piece of kit that provides aerial recovery capability for Army helicopters.
Plasma® Rope for Extreme Off-road Sport

Plasma® Rope for Offroad Sport

Cortland’s Plasma® rope is 7-10 times lighter than a steel rope of equivalent size and strength, making it the ideal solution to the winch-event off-roader industry’s growing need for a lighter, stronger winch line.
Cortland Develops First Easy-To-Deploy Mooring Line

Easy-to-deploy mooring line

Cortland developed the mooring line for the world’s first Easy-To-Deploy (ETD) mooring system, the latest in buoy and mooring technology, aimed to aid in Tsunami detection.
Cortland ROC Critical for Underwater Project

ROC Cable for underwater project

Cortland’s experience as an accomplished provider of custom-made cables was called upon when Earthship Productions wanted to uncover more of the Titanic's secrets hidden on the ocean bed, for a live TV broadcast.
Plasma® HMPE Rope Created for Heavy Lift Operations

Plasma® rope for heavy lift

When a client needed to create an enormous lifting sling, Cortland created a unique rope from more than 52,000 individual Plasma® yarns using its patented 12x12 braiding technique.
Cortland Helps Monitor Atlantic Sea Scallops

Helping to monitor sea scallops

Cortland provided a specially designed electrical coaxial cable in order to conduct a ‘scallop census’ for the School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST), at the University of Massachusetts.