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Seismic Products

In demanding environments, such as marine geophysical seismic exploration, Cortland provides the most compact, highest strength, most flexible cables for underwater applications. Cortland's seismic productss can be custom-designed and built to suit the needs of your particular project.

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Inline attachment or lifting points

Synthetic cable grips are used to grip many types of cables and ropes with multiple surface materials, from large hydraulic umbilicals and synthetic ropes to small fiber optic cables. Synthetic cable grips are designed to minimize any external damage with non-metallic content. They can be used as a “quick fit” temporary attachment, or as a permanent attachment, and can be retrofitted without the need to gain access to the end of the cable. This allows for inspections and maintenance on equipment or cables and ropes while deployed. In addition to standard cable grips, custom designed spliced hold back points can also be utilized on our braided synthetic ropes.

Streamer Cores

A crucial part of any acquisition system, Cortland’s streamer cores use served strength members to increase their ultimate tensile strength and modulus. Robust and high-strength with low elongation, they are made using the most advanced high modulus synthetic fibers. Available in long lengths, they provide a lightweight solution with a small diameter. The cables can be custom-built to include power conductors, and electrical / optical components for hydrophones and telemetry requirements. 

Benefits / Features
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Long lengths
  • Lightweight
  • Small diameter
  • Seismic applications
Streamer Strength Members

Cortland manufactures low-stretch, high-strength, high-stiffness and long-life strength members for seismic exploration offshore. We don't supply standard products. We custom-build lightweight, low footprint streamer solutions to suit your individual needs. Leading seismic exploration companies trust Cortland to supply streamer strength members that meet their exacting standards.  


Cortland was the first manufacturer to develop the braided Hair Fairing as a solution to the adverse effects of strumming / vibration and to reduce cable noise and drag without affecting winch or sheave performance. Fairings are generally applied as braid with extensions along two or more axes of the cable formed by weaving a filament yarn about one or more insulated conductors with the yarn serving to anchor the conductors on the cable and extending outwardly to form fairing hairs. Generally the braid material is polyester although other materials and variants can be offered. In addition we offer our extruded “shakedown” jacket which provides the same performance characteristics when a braided option is not required or feasible. A full selection of material blends and 1 to 4 take-outs around the circumference are available to achieve the best results for the intended application and environment.