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Buoy Mooring Systems

The high strength, high modulus, low elongation, and light weight of high performance fibers translate well into ropes and cables of many constructions, and have led to successful use of both mechanical ropes and electromechanical cables in the marine environment, such as buoy mooring systems.  High performance fibers can also have excellent creep and fatigue resistance and can give performance over sheaves superior to steel wire rope. For decades, Cortland has been a leader in the design, construction, and deployment of high performance lines used in oceanographic mooring systems.

Easy-to-Deploy Systems

Developed in conjunction with NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) and distributed via SAIC (click here to see the PICO buoy video), Cortland's Easy-to-Deploy (ETD) oceanographic mooring line offers significant advantages over conventional designs. The durable construction of these ETD custom mooring lines eliminates connecting hardware, which means that these systems last longer, are more reliable and require less maintenance than traditional options. Cortland's compact systems also reduce crew and vessel requirements, decreasing overall operating costs.

Electro-mechanical Mooring Systems

Cortland designs, manufactures and supplies compounded synthetic mooring lines, including electrical and optical components, using the latest high modulus synthetic fibers.

Proven for tsunami warning applications, we have the capacity to provide cables with varied buoyancy, to reduce fatigue or extend life; integrate compliant sections, with varied stretch properties; and also incorporate sections with low elongation and high strength.  All with no diameter change, offering cables that are consistent and easy to handle. 

Whether it’s adding separators for fish-bite protection or extruded profile jackets to reduce strumming, all of Cortland’s electro-mechanical cables can be custom-designed and built to suit the needs of your particular project. 

Benefits / Features
  • Compounded constructions
  • Varied properties, yet consistent diameters
  • Marine geologists
  • Oceanographers
  • Meteorology
Custom-built Mooring Systems

Cortland can custom-build a wide range of mooring line solutions depending upon your application needs. We produce mooring lines to order based upon depth requirements, expected loads and communications desires. Whether you want strum suppression, fish bite protection, a profiled extrusion, ruggedized fiber optics, or any features from our other product lines, these can be incorporated to create a custom-built, trusted solution.