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Custom Slings

Cortland manufactures custom slings that are both lightweight and compact. Our slings offer a high ease of use as well as an outstanding strength to weight ratio. 

The load bearing fibers are protected by custom designed jackets, built up layer by layer to offer optimum protection for a wide range of applications. Mud filters can be integrated for subsea slings being wet stored on seabeds, or exposed to mud for periods of times. Special armored protections made from HMPE and/or Aramid together with Cordura® is used for wear protection in the eyes and other critical area of the slings.  The slings can also be outfitted with ROV handles and project specific tag numbers and marking as required. 

Sling design is not only centered on strength; stiffness and length can be just as important. Our engineering capability, and our combined offering of both rope and endless loop slings enables us to deliver solutions with specific and documented strength, stiffness and length tolerances. In-house proof testing and certification are also benefits we offer. Because of our knowledge of synthetic fibers, engineering expertise, attention to detail, and comprehension of braiding and splicing, trust Cortland for high performance lifting assemblies.

If you are looking for a custom solution, please contact us.