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Selantic® Round Slings

Selantic® slings manufactured by Cortland are endless loop grommets made of a parallel laid synthetic fibre construction with a protective jacket over the body, and a heavier jacket construction in the eye (because of the grommet construction, the eyes are artificial). Selantic® slings can be made as short as one meter and still achieve >1000t MBL; and they are torque-neutral, with no tendency to rotate under load (if rotation occurs, little strength loss is experienced). Because of their construction they have virtually no bending stiffness, providing storage efficiencies.

These slings are made of materials specific to your application. We carefully select the optimal core material based on our experience and your application requirements. These core materials include HMPE, Aramid and LCP fibres (e.g. Kevlar®, Dyneema®, etc.). To protect potential chafe areas from wear, the core material is encased in a protective cover to ensure a durable and long-lasting lift solution.


  • Cost saving
  • Stiffness optimized slings for each leg
  • Ability to produce short lengths
  • High strength efficiency, yet lightweight
  • Possibilities for project specific bending radiuses
  • Small length tolerances 
  • Protective jacket solutions, offering durability and visibility features
  • Industry accepted tagging
  • Easy to handle, store, and transport
  • Custom design per application, including hardware if necessary


Surface overhead crane lifting (below the hook):

  • Wind farm installation; towers and props
  • Industrial material movement or transfer; turbines, etc.
  • Precision lifting