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Health, Safety and the Environment

Quality Management

Our company truly believes that delivering a safe and healthy work environment at all of our global facilities delivers a competitive advantage to every one of our customers. As such, Cortland is committed to the health and safety of every employee, and to maintaining an incident free workplace. We continually improve our safety culture through effective and ongoing safety management, education and training. 

This commitment to safety ensures: 

  • Safety Objectives and Goals are established and maintained on an annual basis with a focus on the achievement of zero safety incidents
  • Safety Objectives and Goals are monitored and measured on a continuous basis to evaluate if safety activities are effective
  • Safety and health assessments are conducted to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards, and verify compliance with safety and health policies
  • Training and development activities are established and maintained to ensure all employees are competent and trained in safe work practices and procedures
  • Mechanical and physical safeguards are implemented wherever they are necessary
  • Company safety and health standards required by law are complied with at all times
  • Compliance with safety policy and procedure is considered a condition of employment
  • Safety incidents are investigated to determine and eliminate the cause and to implement measures to prevent the reoccurrence of a similar incident

More important than these commitments is our Safety Pledge Program. In this program, every one of our employees formally pledge upon their hire that a primary employment condition for Cortland and their customers is an expectation of the following safety behaviors:

  • Working in a safe and conscientious manner at all times
  • Taking immediate corrective actions, where possible, to eliminate hazards
  • Reporting all unsafe conditions, near misses, accidents and injuries
  • Reinforce safe work practices and immediately intervene when seeing unsafe practices
  • Providing suggestions for improvement
  • Question leadership when I am uncertain as to whether a condition is unsafe

We are committed to ensuring all of our activities, undertakings, and operations are conducted with regard to life and the environment and, where possible, we will seek to conduct our business in a sustainable manner.