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Solutions by Industry

From subsea to space exploration, Cortland provides engineered synthetic ropes, heavy lift slings, electro-optical-mechanical cables and umbilicals for industries across the globe. Seamlessly combining innovation and technology, we're renowned for producing world-class solutions that maximise performance, safety and efficiency for our clients.

Our experience is unparalleled; our capabilities unrivalled; and our commitment to quality unwavering. Our approach is simple: we work closely with you to understand your needs, then design and manufacture a truly custom solution built for your application. Everyday, throughout the world, our people work with a huge variety of customers to solve practical problems in the following industry sectors.


High performance ropes with all the strength of steel, but 86% lighter.


Innovative textile solutions for medical devices and surgical procedures.


Keeping up with the seismic shift in technology.

If you'd like to discuss your requriements in more detail, please contact us.