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Who can you trust...
for ropes, slings,
cables and umbilicals

Who can you trust...
for deepwater lifting

Who can you trust...
for ropes as strong as
steel but 70% lighter

Who can you trust...
for umbilicals
reliable at any depth

Who can you trust...
for innovative solutions,
custom built


When Pushing New Boundaries, Trust Cortland

Recognized leader in customized rope and cable solutions

Who is the contractor's partner of choice for high-strength fiber slings and ropes when the weight of appropriate steel wire solutions makes the task impossible? Who do oceanographic project managers and engineers turn to when they need to deploy and control complex subsea systems or instruments in ever increasing water depths?

From Offshore to Subsea, Industrial to Medical, our customers face many diverse, challenging situations where designing, manufacturing and delivering the right product is critical. Every sector's needs are different, but the company they use is the same. One company that offers innovative solutions under one respected name. We are Cortland.