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Quality Testing

Cortland employs a number of rigorous testing and quality assurance methods to maintain a consistently high quality of work in every aspect of our activities. 

Electrical and Fiber Optic Cable Testing and Quality Assurance

Cortland ensures that every cable produced meets or exceeds customer expectations. We can provide testing, quality control, documentation, and reporting procedures to meet any need. We have been certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Systems Standard by Det Norsk Veritas Certification, Inc. and we are listed in the Qualified List of Manufacturers of the Defense Logistics Agency.

Umbilicals, Hoses, and Electro-Mechanical Cables Quality Testing

To ensure that we achieve and maintain consistency of quality and supply, we have a quality system that is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:1994 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. Our product covers areas of applications, which are life support, and therefore quality assurance and control is paramount. We maintain this standard across the complete range of umbilicals, hoses, and electro-mechanical cables for offshore and subsea applications. Cortland also offers the capability to test the finished product to customer or regulation specification with appropriate and comprehensive documentation. Some market areas require more stringent test regimes than others, and we have the experience and expertise to offer the correct level of testing and documentation accordingly. 

Testing Facility for Slings and Tethers

Cortland has the following instrumental and calibrated test facility in Norway for proof load/break load testing and length verification of slings, straps and tethers. 

Length: 33 meters 

Capacity: 500 metric tons

Stroke Length: 2 meters

Ropes Quality Testing

Cortland can provide testing, quality control, documentation, technical support, customer service, and reporting procedures to meet any need. Cortland's Washington USA facility has been certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Systems Standard by the American Bureau of Shipping - Quality Evaluation Division since 2000. We are one of the first synthetic fiber rope manufacturers to receive Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Type Approval in their Register of Approved Products and Manufacturers and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval. Type Approval programs are based on product design assessments, product testing, plant surveys, and annual surveys of the manufacturing facility.

Cortland's Washington and New York USA facilities are also registered on the United States Defense Logistics Agency Qualified Suppliers List of Manufacturers (QSLM).

Cleanroom Quality

The cleanrooms at Cortland are designed and compliant to ISO Class 8 requirements.