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Umbilical Terminations

We specialize in creating umbilical terminations for Oil & Gas, Diving and Seismic applications. Cortland’s complete range of subsea and topside terminations can be engineered and supplied to suit all integration scenarios, from junction boxes to electrical connectors.

Oil & Gas Umbilical Terminations

A full range of subsea and topside terminations can be engineered and supplied to suit most integration needs. These include integrated SUTU’s, junction boxes, amour bodies, bend stiffeners/restrictors/pull in heads, hang-off collars, stab-plates, hydraulic quick-connects, electrical connectors and special adapters. 

Diving Umbilical Terminations

Hose Ends

Cortland use marine phosphor bronze swageable hose end fittings for all their diving umbilical hoses. These hose ends are suitable for both our low pressure air diving hoses, Fibroline and Fibrolite and our higher pressure Fibroflex mixed gas, reclaim and hot water hoses used for saturation diving applications. These fittings come in three standard female thread types JIC, Oxy / Lenz or BSP.

Electrical Connectors

Cortland can terminate & test their umbilicals with most industry standard  connectors, such as Souriau, SubConn,  Impulse, Seacon & Crouse Hinds.

Mechanical Terminations

D-Rings, D-Ring/Snap Shackles, hose bend restrictors & cable grips can also be attached as required.

Oil or Water Stops

Power, signal and video cable components included in main services umbilicals can have the subsea (bell) ends terminated with oil or water stops by Cortland. This offers an enclosed resin block with double ended contacts to provide continuity. Each side is epoxy back-potted and the complete unit over moulded with polyurethane. The oil stops are typically sited half way along the tail length.

Seismic Umbilical Terminations

Airgun umbilical terminations

Umbilicals can be fully terminated ensuring the successful transfer of the tow loads while offering protection to the electrical, optical and pneumatic interfaces.  

Termination options include subsea waterproof canister units,  molded or spring bend stiffeners or segmented bend restrictors, bulkhead interface plates and topside tubed take-offs and spring guard protectors, hose ends and/or adapters.

Electrical connectors from all the main industry sources can be supplied by Cortland (e.g. AG Geophysical,  Veam,  Anphib, Harting, Terracon, Cannon etc.). 

Airgun array deck cable terminations

Deck cables can be fitted with extra tail protection and associated topside splash proof electrical connectors.

Tow cable terminations and fairings

Customer specific cable and mechanical armor terminations are offered by Cortland. We can can also apply fairings as a solution to the adverse effects of strumming / vibration which can be set up as the cables are towed through the water behind surface vessels.

Fairings are generally applied as a braid with extensions forming the fairing hairs. Solid fairings or customer free issued fairings can be fitted if required.