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Umbilical Hoses

Cortland is a trusted supplier of umbilical hoses for Hydraulic, Chemical Transfer, Diving and Breathing applications. Our experience and expertise mean we can provide unrivalled specialist solutions to meet your specific needs. All of our hoses are rigorously tested and can be supplied as complete assemblies using fittings in various options from our range. Cortland’s selection of Hydraulic, Chemical, Gas, Air, and Water hoses offer a wide range of capabilities.

Hoses - Hydraulic

Our hydraulic hoses are available in a wide range of nominal bore sizes and pressure ratings. Hoses are designed and manufactured to suit almost any application and are readily compatible with most of the industries' operating mediums. Testing in accordance with the highest standards, including SAE j343 & API 17E, can be applied if required. Today’s harsh operating conditions and environments subject hoses to considerable internal and/or external pressures, chemical and heat exposure, and abrasion or mechanical damage. Our considerable experience in hydraulic applications helps us to select hoses from the extensive range available ensuring they meet all the operating criteria. Liner, reinforcement, cover materials and working life are all carefully considered for the required compatibility. Applications range from single line hoses of a few metres to multihose bundles of many kilometres. The hydraulic hoses are available with an equally wide range of end fittings and connections ranging from a simple JIC swivel coupling to an ROV operated valve quick release hydraulic connector. These connectors are available in an extensive range of materials including, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, inconel and monel.

Chemical Transfer and High Temperature hoses

Cortland offers a wide range of ISO compliant spiralised wire reinforced hoses with exotic liner materials which offer increased chemical resistance, low permeation rates and higher working temperature ratings.  A collapse resistance suiting chemical injection service is available if lines are not charged and chemical filled at all times.

Where high collapse resistance is required in large internal diameter hoses, Cortland can offer special HCR (High Collapse Resistant) variants with metal carcasses. These hoses can be offered with exotic liner material options if increased chemical resistance or low permeation is required.

With such a wide range of hoses available for inclusion in our umbilicals, please discuss your options directly with Cortland to ensure you select the best operational and most cost effective solution. 

Image: Courtesy of SPIR STAR 

Hoses - Diving and Breathing

Diving hoses are available in two ranges according to specific application. Fibroflex is highly flexible braided higher pressure hose for use in Main Bell, Wet Bell and Excursion umbilicals. Designed specifically to withstand the rigours of everyday use in a Hyperbaric Dive System, this range of hoses is approved by Det Norske Veritas. Services include gas and hot water supply, gas reclaim and pneumo and monitoring hoses.

The Fibroline and Fibrolite range of sheathed lower pressure hoses are designed for use in surface dive and bell excursion applications, where kink and abrasion resistance are high priorities, and is particularly suited to jacket maintenance and salvage type operations. Other applications include breathing apparatus for use in gas tank inspections and other hazardous environments.

The main difference between Fibroline and Fibrolite hoses is the maximum working pressure. Where the working pressure is within the limits of the Fibrolite range there is a considerable price advantage. All diving hoses are fully tested prior to despatch and can be supplied as complete assemblies using swaged or reusable fittings in various options from our range.