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Seismic Umbilicals

Cortland supplies a range of air-gun umbilicals for use in both towed and bottom laid seismic systems. Choose from a wide selection of hose sizes and ratings, outersheath materials, and electrical connectors.

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Airgun Umbilicals & Deck Cables

Array configurations and longer umbilical lengths have extended the required capacities, components, towing loadings and dynamic factors of the air gun umbilical products offered by Cortland.

Cortland umbilicals can be supplied with a single central air hose or multi-hose, depending on gun configurations and air volumes. Layers or sub-assemblies of single or grouped electrical and/or fibre optic components can be added for power and control of firing, hydrophone, pressure and depth sensor equipment.

In terms of strength, Cortland offers the most robust and compact umbilicals, using steel armoured or aramid fibre strength layers, protected by extruded sheathing of various material types.

Umbilicals can be fully terminated, ensuring the successful transfer of the tow loads whilst offering protection to the electrical, optical and pneumatic interfaces. All the main industry standard electrical connectors can be supplied, such as AG Geophysical, Veam, Anphib , Harting, Terracon and Cannon, as well as terminated deck cables. 

Cortland's termination packages integrate to the majority of current end use control system equipment and include full testing in accordance with industry standards.

Benefits / Features
  • Choice of hose sizes and ratings (offering options on air capacities)
  • Nylon 11 Hose liners selected for full chemical compatibility
  • Helical lay up of electrical and optical components offering best dynamics, handling and balance loading
  • High strength reinforcement layers wire or synthetic fibre for optimised strength to weight ratio and for ease of handling and towing, minimised drag
  • Choice of outersheath materials to suit working conditions and termination methods
  • Wide availability of connector types incl. AG, Veam, Anphib, Harting,
  • Terracon, Cannon etc. for full integration compatibility
  • Deck jumper cables and terminations can be offered to suit the main Umbilical configurations
  • In-house designed and assembled cannister units; full termination options
  • Choice of (moulded) bend stiffeners or (segmented) bend restrictors; full termination options
  • Easy integration to current systems offering full industry compatibility
  • Air gun arrays