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Associated Information

All of Cortland’s products are thoroughly tested and verified by the appropriate bodies. We work to ISO quality management systems and maintain the highest standards of workmanship at all times. You’ll find all of the relevant associated information to support our Health and Safety, Environment and Quality of Service guarantees here.

Find out more about our range of services below:


Cortland is committed to providing a service and product which is second to none. To ensure that we achieve and maintain consistency of quality and supply, we have a quality system that is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:1994 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. Our product covers areas of applications which offer life support, and therefore quality assurance and control is paramount. We maintain this standard across the complete range of product supplied by Cortland.

In an effort to support the product and customer requirement we offer the capability to test the finished product to customer or regulation specification with appropriate and comprehensive documentation. Some market areas require more stringent test regimes than others, and we have the experience and expertise to offer the correct level of test and documentation accordingly.


Specific Tests Include:

Standard FAT

All umbilicals products have the hose and cable components FAT tested to agreed levels and certificates supplied with the goods.

Extra testing can be carried out as required to agreed levels.

VOC Testing

Cortland can flush, charge with representative diving gases at elevated temperatures, then sample, test, record and report on umbilicals to minimise Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are carbon compounds which can be released as gases from certain solids, plastics and liquids.

Oxygen (O2)  Cleaning

We can also provide certain hose types suitable for high purity oxygen end use. These can be oxygen cleaned to an approved procedure.

IMCA rules

When designing, manufacturing and testing umbilicals Cortland observe IMCA’s recommendations laid out in:

Design of Surface Diving Systems IMCAD023

Design of Mixed Gas Systems IMCAD037.

Design of Sat Diving Systems IMCAD024

Verification / Qualification

Verification and qualification testing can be conducted using a range of in-house test rigs and sub contract testing equipment to verify Cortland’s designs. These include Tensile,  Crush, Bend Stiffness, Flex- Fatigue, Reeling and Unreeling Testing. 

For complete peace of mind, full Dynamic Analysis, Fatigue Analysis and Seabed Stability Analysis can be offered using an aligned group of analysis sub-contractors.

Fill & Flushing

As you'd expect, Cortland can fill and flush with customer requested fluids or chemicals to industry cleanliness standards. 

Oil & Gas Industry Standards (inc. ISO-13628-5)

Oil & Gas Industry Standards

For control umbilicals, hoses and cables for oil and gas projects, Cortland aims to provide API 17E / ISO13628-5  compliant products. However, alternative components, constructions, test regimes and materials will be considered that fall outside the API 17E / ISO13628-5, if we feel they offer superior performance characteristics or can offer significant customer cost benefit, without compromising the functional design specification.

Typical standards embodied in our design, manufacture and testing are:

ISO13628-5:2009 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems – Part 5 : Subsea Umbilicals

ISO13628-7:2005 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems – Part 7 : Completion/workover riser systems

API 17E / ISO13628-5:2002 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Design and operation of subsea production systems – Part 5 : Subsea Umbilicals

IEC50502 Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=1.2kV) up to 30kV (Um=36kV)
Part 1: Cables for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=1.2kV) and 3kV (Um=3.6kV) and Part 2: Cables for rated voltages from 6kv (Um=7.2kV) up to 30kV (Um=36kV)

Diving Approvals (LRS, DNV, ABS)

Third Party Approval & Witness

Many of Cortland diving umbilicals have been design approved to third party authority standards and recommendations.. This involves the product, hose and cable components designed, built and tested in accordance with the chosen authority's rules and regulations.

The main authorities are Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Umbilicals can therefore be offered to be design approved or have their factory acceptance test (FAT) witnessed as required to the following:

Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) – “Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Underwater Systems”, Part 5 “Main and Auxiliary Machinery, Systems and Equipment”, December 1989.

DNV Offshore Standard DNV-OS-E402 "Offshore Standard for Diving Systems", January 2004.

ABS Life Support & Environmental Control Systems document, Section 8, sub section 17 Umbilicals & Section 11, sub section 17.9 Umbilical Cable Connectors.