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Cortland designs and manufactures umbilicals suitable for the majority of subsea applications, including deep water, workover, intervention, and maintenance. These umbilicals provide varied services including hydraulic, electrical, optical, or pneumatic. We also produce a range of diving hoses and termination equipment. Umbilicals are available with stand alone sheaths, steel, or textile strength braids or ropes or layers of high tensile steel armour, whichever best suits the specific application or operating system. Because of the harsh environment and long working life, careful consideration is given to the operational stresses encountered. Below is a summary of our core range, but as with most products we manufacture at Cortland, exact specifications are agreed upon on a project-by-project basis.


Oil & Gas Umbilicals

Subsea and topside umbilicals for the oil and gas sector.
Diver umbilicals

Diving Umbilicals

A complete range of diving umbilicals for confidence and control subsea.

Seismic Umbilicals

A wide variety of cables and synthetic rope solutions for subsea seismic operations.
Umbilical Terminations

Umbilical Terminations

A range of terminations to facilitate connection of umbilical components. 
Umbilical Hoses

Umbilical Hoses

Hydraulic and pneumatic umbilical hoses covering a wide range of capabilities. 
Associated information

Associated Information

Industry support materials and information on our complete range of umbilical solutions.