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Suture Assemblies

Suture Assemblies

Designing with synthetic fibres is all about controlling forces – whether it’s a medical textile or larger rope or cable. And with a long heritage in this field, Cortland has a unique insight into how textiles interact with their environment, anchors and fittings.

For device designers, these high performance medical textiles have important benefits such as controlled stretch, high fatigue or lifecycle, high flexibility, swaged and pull cable use.

The right solution
Whether you’re looking to streamline procedures, eliminate knots or minimise invasiveness to offer improved outcomes for patients, Cortland’s fabricated assemblies can meet every challenge. Typical designs include custom mechanical assemblies, looped wire and pre-assembled loops to anchors, buttresses and more, with possible applications including:

  • Tethers
  • Continuous loops
  • Cerclage cables
  • Robotic assemblies
  • Robotic and mechanical actuators

Trust Cortland
You can be sure about safely sharing any information with us, as we regard safeguarding your intellectual property as essential. That means you can confidently engage with our engineering team at every stage, in order to create the perfect textile solution for your needs, whatever the application. Call us today or request a quotation.