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Specialty Sutures

Specialty Sutures

Today’s medical textiles are very dynamic, conformable and compressible, able to expand and contract to provide benefits that were previously unimaginable. Modern raw materials – such as synthetic monofilament or multifilament yarns – can be combined to provide new solutions to age-old problems.

Cortland’s long history of fibre development and meticulous attention to detail means our medical textiles can offer greater flexibility with your finished device, such as controlled elongation, high fatigue or life cycle, knot security and fibre-based colour. 

Common assemblies include custom mechanical assemblies, electro-cut lengths and shear-cut lengths, with possible applications including:

  • Sewing sutures for stent-graft assemblies
  • Composite sutures
  • Suture snares
  • Sternum closures
  • Custom designs per customer specifications

Trust Cortland
We regard safeguarding customers’ intellectual property as vital. All information shared between us and our clients is protected from the very first meeting to final delivery – giving you the confidence to fully engage with our engineering team to create an exceptional textile solution, whatever the application, tailored to your requirements. Request a quote.