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Actuation and Safety Cables

Actuation and Safety CablesAn increasingly active and ageing population, together with greater use of arthroscopic/endoscopic procedures, has increased the demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Device innovation has now gone well beyond traditional materials and structures, with designs using new fibres and geometries with different properties and performance characteristics – such as those from Cortland

Medical Braids
Cortland's lightweight, high performance medical braids offer the strength of steel, but with more flexibility and zero corrosion. Braids can be metallic, synthetic monofilament or synthetic multifilament, and applications include catheter components and sub assemblies, robotic assemblies, robotic and mechanical actuators and actuator cables.

With a choice of controlled stretch or high fatigue/life cycle, Cortland can custom design cables for flexibility, to accept various coatings or for compatibility for the attachment of swaged components. Manufactured in fixed lengths, production methods include shearing, electro-cut or fused cut lengths.

Typical assemblies include:

  • Custom mechanical assemblies
  • Baskets
  • Electro-cut lengths
  • Shear-cut lengths
  • Cut and stripped coated lengths
  • Miniature assemblies
  • Looped wire
  • Snares

A Trusted Partner
Safeguarding our customers’ intellectual property is our most important contribution. Our culture of confidentiality ensures that all information shared between us and our clients is protected from the very first meeting to final delivery. Strict adherence to information sensitivity means that our customers have the confidence to fully engage with our engineering team to develop unique textile solutions.

By understanding the different issues that our customers are trying to solve, it allows us to create a very good solution for their application.  We tailor solutions to your requirements; call us today, or request a custom quotation.