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Subsea Tethers

Cortland subsea tethers, now including Selantic Tethers, are among the most highly-rated in the world, with an impressive track record. Our subsea tethers have been used for more than 15 years in the mooring of flexible risers and umbilicals, and for mooring of Mid Water Arch systems. Aramid (Technora®) is used as a load bearing fiber, protected by multiple layers of PU-coated and laminated Cordura® jackets. The outer jacket is fluorescent in color for improved subsea visibility. Design life times of up to 50 years are achievable. We also produce a wide range of tethers for aerospace applications.


The unique properties and distinct chemical composition of Aramid fibers distinguish them from other commercial, man-made fibers.  They offer the unique combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability. Aramids are manufactured high-modulus fibers in which the fiber-forming substance is a long-chain synthetic aromatic polyamide in which at least 5% of the amide linkages are attached directly to aromatic rings. Aramid is the preferred choice as load bearing material for applications that should take static loads for longer time, and in applications where temperature is an issue. The following Aramid fibers are used by Cortland: Technora® , Twaron® , and Kevlar®.

Benefits / Features
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Highest resistance to heat of any fiber
  • Low length tolerances
  • Low stretch
  • Tough
  • Thermal stability
  • Soft hand
  • Torque free
  • Easy splicing
  • Precision lifting
  • Subsea lifting
  • Subsea tethers
  • Wind farms (tower and prop installations)
  • Industrial material movement or transfer
LCP (Vectran)

LCP (Vectran) offers a distinct advantage in terms of strength-to-weight ratios. It offers excellent bend and flex fatigue resistance as well as negligible creep. Vectran constructions are easily spliced and its soft, torque free braided construction provides easy handling. Pound for pound, Vectran fiber is five times stronger than steel.

Benefits / Features
  • High strength and modulus
  • Excellent creep resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent flex characteristics
  • Mooring tethers for flexible risers
  • Mooring tethers for umbilicals
  • Mooring tethers for mid water arch systems