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Integrated Hardware

As the subsea technology develops and the activity goes into deeper water, there is always an incentive to improve the installation methods. Cortland is constantly developing new items of hardware that can interface with our slings, tethers, and rope systems, which are specially designed for ROV installation without the need for costly diver intervention. Examples include: ROV Hooks, Delta Plates, Plate Shackles, and anchor bases for riser tethers.

Lifting Sling Hook

We have developed a range of hooks for use with synthetic fiber slings, which is just as suitable for steel wire rope. The curvature of the hook fulfill the criteria for 100% utilization of the load bearing capacity of the Selantic Slings. The hooks are delivered in two formats: F-F for sling interface in both end (patented design) and B-F for sling in the hook and shackle in the top of the hook. Click on the data sheet below for more information. The hooks are equipped with ROV handle for easy operation. WLL 100Te hooks and slings can be made to a weight <100Kg, enabling the work ROV to handle such a system.

Cortland also offers custom designed hooks for load transfer operation and pull-in operation, according to client-specific dimensions and capacity requirements.

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Delta Plates & Plate Shackles

A variety of delta plates and plate shackles are available, all designed according to project or client needs. Special ROV operation of the pins can be designed, either by straight pull, screw, or hydraulically operated. Double security of pin movement is also included in the design.

Tether Anchor Connections

Subsea tethers are often connected to the anchor by ROVs. Our ROV T-bar connection is commonly used, and offers an ROV friendly tether connection with reliable performance.  Design life times of up to 30 years are achievable.

Our patented pivot anchor connection also offers a simple connection with full movements in all directions.

Riser Base Anchors / Suction Piles

Cortland offers a complete package of tethers, connectors, and anchors. The anchors can be 100% gravity anchors, or 100% suction based, or a combination, all designed to specific project requirements and soil conditions.