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Lifting Slings & Tethers

 As an originator of fiber braiding technology, Cortland has more than 25 years of experience engineering certified synthetic lifting sling solutions that safely and efficiently perform to exacting standards.  Today, two trusted product brands within Cortland offer the unique combination of both rope and round slings through one global specialist. Selantic Slings are endless loop slings made with high modulus synthetic fibers which provide very low elongation, precise length tolerances and high strength performance.  Cortland’s Plasma ® Rope Slings use the patented 12x12 braided construction to create extremely strong lifting slings that are very lightweight, flexible, non-marring and durable.  All of Cortland’s fiber slings adhere to DNV, ASME and other key standards, and as with all of our products we also produce customized solutions to exacting standards. To find out more about our wide range of applications, click on the links below or download our comprehensive Sling Solutions brochure.

Rope Slings

Perfect for extremely long length lift situations; easy to inspect and repair.
Selantic Slings

Selantic Slings

For precision lifts; available in short lengths with specific stiffness tolerances.
Selantic Slings Installing Subsea Platform

Subsea Tethers

A wide range of tethering products for custom mooring applications under the sea.

Integrated Hardware

Equipment to for subsea lifting and tethering including hooks, delta plates and plate shackles.

Custom Slings

Custom sling designs to suit any industry or application.