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Misc. Custom Cables

Cortland is an accomplished provider of custom-made cables. Our technicians have the capabilities to integrate any of our unique technologies into any cable design and can therefore adapt any product to cope with even the most demanding environments.  We can custom-build a range of optical fiber cables for any application to meet your specific technical and service requirements, simply contact us. If you don't see what you need, we'll make it. 

Optical Fiber (inc. ROC)

Optical fibers are the perfect choice when a large bandwidth is required. Whether it is a high strength application, or varying the buffer material to cope with higher temperature environments, or anything in between, Cortland can customize optical fibers to improve robustness in challenging environments. 

Developed by Cortland, Ruggedized Optical Cable (ROC) is a specialist cable that can be used as a stand-alone fiber optic link, or as an optical component in a complex cable. Robust, kink-resistant and rated for full-ocean depth, it is easy to terminate and is small to facilitate handling. 

Whatever your requirements, Cortland can offer long lengths, different diameters and varying strengths of optical fibers, all custom-built for your application.

  • Marine
  • Sporting events
  • Security
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Custom-built Cables

Cortland manufactures a variety of custom built cables for a wide range of clients.  These high strength cables contain built-in power conductor signal wires and/or optical fibers. In one cable, this application can provide a custom solution for power, signal, and strength.  Their compact design, short length, quick delivery, and ability to use any combination of wires or optical fibers makes Cortland an ideal provider of custom built cables.

If you are looking for a custom solution, contact us.