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Diving Cables

Cortland's knowledge and experience manufacturing cables for the diving sector is second to none. We offer a complete range of standard communication, video, power and combined service cables, in addition to umbilical component cables designed to meet the extreme pressures of the subsea environment. Whatever your diving application needs, we can create flexible, cost-effective engineering solutions to suit your requirements and your budget. 

DCS (Dive Cable Standard) Range

Cortland offers a full range of communication, video, power and combined service cables for diving applications. The DCS (Diving Cables Standard) purpose built cables are available for sales loose or twisted up into umbilical constructions.

All sheaths are robust, extruded polyurethane finished to tight O.D. tolerances which allows most standard electrical connectors to be attached and sealed via molded resins or compression clamps or seals.

Other cables types can be made to order (MOQ will be applicable).

Benefits / Features
  • More than 25 years manufacturing / supply experience to the diving sector
  • Purpose built for the dynamics required for umbilical use (lay angles etc..)
  • Available ex-stock or on rapid turnaround
  • Continuous stock lengths can be cut for shorter length umbilical build
  • Color coding for different services
  • Robust optimum thickness outer sheaths
  • Mouldable PU sheaths
  • Tight tolerances (for metal back shelled connectors)
  • Commercial Saturation Diving
  • Commercial Air Diving
  • Civil and Inshore Air diving
  • Military Diving
  • Other Subsea applications (inc. ROV, video systems etc..)
Main Services Umbilical Component Cables

The cables included in Cortland's main services umbilicals are designed to offer a robust format for dynamic use. The individual components are cabled into a twisted helix. The helix limits tensional and compressional strains and improves cable flexibility during bending. The cable components are positioned in the umbilical to provide excellent service throughout the design lifetime.

They can be terminated into oil filled junction boxes or spliced out to numerous connectors. Cortland now standardly uses polyethylene compounds as conductor insulation for our main services umbilicals. The cable outer sheath is an extruded layer(s) of thermoplastic polyether based polyureth, UV inhibited, resistant to microbiological attack of suitable radial thickness and hardness (85 – 92 Shore), compatible with the hose and cables within the assembly. These are chosen to provide excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance combined with resistance to long-term immersion in seawater.

Cortland’s extruded polyurethane sheaths are readily terminated using either connectors with molded sealing methods using two part polyurethane resins or variants utilizing compression seal arrangements.