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Cable Terminations

Cortland manufactures a complete range of cable terminations for all cable types. These include mechanical terminations, from simple 'D' rings to steel wire grips, Electrical Connector Types for use in Diving, Oil & Gas and Seismic applications, and an extensive choice of grips to fit many different cable sizes, from large hydraulic umbilicals to small fibre optic cables. 

Terminations - Mechanical

Cortland offers a wide range of mechanical terminations from simple “D” rings, snap shackles, synthetic fibre and steel wire grips, through potted spelter sockets to more complex armour bodies.

Mechanical terminations can be linked to integration flanges, clamps, stab-plates, bend stiffeners or segmented bend restrictors, or to subsea junction boxes, UTA’s, or canisters for example, to meet customer specifications and operational requirements.

Terminations - Electrical Connectors

Cortland can offer a wide range of connector types, depending on the customer and end use. These include:

Diving: Souriau (inc. Jupiter), SubConn, Impulse, Seacon, Crouse Hinds connectors and in-house Oil / Water Stops

Oil & gas: Tronic, Teledyne (DG’O Brien / ODI) and Subcon. Terminated and tested using either Cortland technicians or recommended certified sub-vendor technicians, when required.

Seismic: AG Geophysical, Veam, Anphib, , Harting, Terracon, Cannon and Sercel. 

Cable Grips

Whatever the project, Cortland can provide the right choice of cable grips. They can be applied to many types of cables from large hydraulic umbilicals to small fiber optic cables and can be fitted without having access to the end of the cable. They can be used as a “quick fit” temporary attachment or used as a permanent attachment.  Cable grips are designed to minimize any external damage to the cable and can be fitted without the need to gain access to the end of the cable.  Cortland offers cable grips in three standard types. Consult with the Engineers at Cortland Cable when making the cable grip selection.
AS Cable Grips
Cortland AS Cable Grips are manufactured with either DuPont Kevlar® or Teijin Twaron Aramid fiber. Aramid fiber stoppers are the “tried and true” workhorse of many Oceanographic, Seismic, and Industrial applications.

TS Cable Grips
Teijin Technora fiber is used to manufacture Cortland TS Cable Grips. Technora is also an Aramid fiber, but enjoys a 20% strength advantage compared to the Aramids used in Cortland AS Cable Grips. Technora also exhibits a higher resistance to abrasion. Cortland TS Cable Grips also provide a more durable product in demanding applications.

VS Cable Grips
When the application is very demanding, Cortland VS Cable Grips, manufactured with Vectran fibers, are the best choice in Stoppers. Vectra fibers have superior abrasion resistance and excellent dynamic loading durability. Cortland VS Cable Grips have the same strength ratings as the Cortland TS Cable Grips. The more extreme the applications, the more Cortland VS Cable Grips become the right choice.

Benefits / Features
  • Versatile
  • Quick fit temporary attachment
  • Permanent attachment
  • AS Cable grips
  • TS Cable grips
  • VS Cable grips
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PDF Document, 1.1 MB