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Electro-optical-mechanical Cables

We design cables for marine, terrestrial, and aerospace applications. Our products feature the most advanced synthetic strength members in combination with electrical or optical elements. So whether it is power and signalling subsea or aerospace, we have the expertise to produce products and test them in extreme conditions. To find our more about our highly engineered custom solutions, click on one of the topics below or click to request a quote

ROV Cables

Custom main cables providing the  power, signal or mechanical link between a surface vessel or ROV.
Seismic Cables

Seismic Cables

Custom engineered cable solutions for seismic exploration.

Military Cables

Cortland provides cables suitable for demanding military applications.
Oceanographic Cables

Oceanographic Cables

The latest cable technology for use in multiple subsea applications.


Custom cables with suitable optical and electrical signal, electrical power, and mechanical strength.
miscellaneous cables

Misc. Custom Cables

Compact, high strength, custom-built cables with built-in power, signal or optical fibers.
Cable Terminations

Cable Grips

Cable Grips are designed to minimize any external damage to cables or rope.