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Custom Applications

Driven by innovative engineering and problem solving, Cortland is a recognized leader of customized rope solutions maximizing performance, safety, and efficiency for customers around the world. The application and design experience of our engineers make Cortland exceptionally capable of understanding the most complex problems our customers face.  Through this understanding and the implemention of novel solutions, we help our customers meet their most difficult challenges. Cortland’s broad range of manufacturing capabilities and global footprint means that we can deliver a broad range of solutions around the world.  Below are just a few examples of successful cooperation projects.  If you are looking for a custom solution, please contact us.

  • When NOAA wanted to decrease deployment infrastructure and costs for its Tsunami warning buoys, Cortland developed the first Easy-To-Deploy (ETD) mooring system, the latest in buoy and mooring technology.  The result is a compact system that is more than 5 times smaller, is completely self contained including the anchor, and can be deployed by a small vessel.  Despite the small size and ease of deployment, reducing crew and vessel requirements, the mooring system lasts longer, is more reliable, and requires less maintenance.
  • Aware of deepwater technology needs and limitations in current technology, Cortland developed special blended synthetic fiber ropes specifically to overcome fatigue issues that arise when used to deploy heavy loads into extreme water depths.  We developed the manufacturing techniques to make large braided ropes in continuous lengths up to 10,000 meters with strengths in excess of 4 million pounds. We also developed a structural health monitoring system for large ropes.
  • The standard approach for heavy lifts has been steel wire rope.  Cortland is a leader in the development of synthetic fiber lifting solutions that are lighter and stronger with greater fatigue and corrosion resistance.

If you are looking for a custom solution, contact us today.  Safeguarding our customers’ intellectual property is our most important contribution. Our culture of confidentiality ensures that all information shared between us and our clients is protected from the very first meeting to final delivery. Strict adherence to information sensitivity means that our customers have the confidence to fully engage with our engineering team to develop unique textile solutions. Whatever your vision, we can help you create it.