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Plasma® Fibre Rope Lifting Slings

Lightweight fibre lifting slings offer significant reductions in rigging time and manpower. They are approximately 86% lighter than steel wire rope at the same strength, and offer superior flexibility which translates into fewer rigging injuries. They are also soft on hands offering a safer solution for riggers and expensive payloads. In heavy lift projects, installation operations also benefit from savings related to transportation and storage costs.

When trying to meet the technical lift specifications of large and more challenging lifts, synthetic lifting solutions surpass traditional steel wire sling solutions through strength, weight, handling, and storage efficiencies.

Benefits of Plasma® 12x12 fibre rope slings:

  • Easier to handle and rig than wire rope alternatives
  • Seven times lighter than wire rope
  • About half the size of a round sling


Surface overhead crane lifting (below the hook):

  • Wind farm installation; towers and props
  • Material movement or transfer; power turbines, etc.