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Source Components

Cortland offers robust and compact solutions for seismic exploration offshore. Our cables are constructed to offer improved dynamics, handling and balance loading – with optimal strength to weight ratio. We provide a diverse range of airgun umbilicals, in a variety of hose sizes and pressure ratings, outer sheath materials and electrical connectors.

Airgun Umbilicals

To meet ever-more challenging Seismic demands, we offer a wide selection of hose sizes and pressure ratings, outersheath materials and electrical connectors. Our latest umbilicals are amongst the most robust and compact, with increased armoured performance – they include standard 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/8” and 1-1/4” Aramid reinforced hoses with a range of collapse resistant hose variants.

Supplied with a single central air hose or multi-hose, layers or sub-assemblies of single or grouped electrical and/or fibre optic components can be added for power and control of firing, hydrophone, pressure and depth sensor equipment. They can also be fully terminated to transfer tow loads and protect electrical, optical and pneumatic connections, with all main industry standard electrical connectors available.