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Ocean Bottom Components

Permanent or semi-permanent data acquisition systems depend upon Cortland Ocean Bottom Solutions. Our purpose built cables incorporate the electrical and fibre optic capabilities essential for superior resolution, and together with precise node ropes and cables, provide a trusted solution for ocean floor surveying.

Ocean Bottom Cables
Ocean Bottom Cables

The key to field optimisation relies on the superior data resolution of a permanent or semi-permanent data acquisition system – and Cortland Ocean Bottom Cables. Designed for continuous vertical or horizontal deployment and recovery end use, they have all the electrical and fibre optic capabilities of a tow cable, but in a more, purposely-designed, lightweight and flexible cable. Each is custom-built, with take out terminations for hydrophone or geophone packages, depending on your requirements.

Trust Cortland to provide continuous, superior data acquisition

  •  Different combinations of power, signal and optic layout/sizing available
  • Choice of component configurations
  • Choice of optical fibres
  • Full range of take-out configurations available with complete integration compatibility
Nodal Ropes
Nodal Ropes

Recent developments in ocean bottom data collection techniques have led to self-contained cable-less seismic monitoring “node” stations that are deployed onto the ocean floor and then recovered to download collected data.

Working with our partners, Cortland has developed a terminated deployment rope with the correct balance of:

  • Weight for fast deployment,
  • Tensile strength for heavy loads,
  • Precise length of correct nodal spacing, and
  • Quick connect/disconnect terminations for fast deployment and recovery

Hundreds of kilometres of our terminated Nodal Cables are currently being used worldwide.