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ROV Tethers

Cortland offers innovative, highly engineered custom built ROV Tether solutions, achieving the smallest possible diameters, incorporating exclusive and highly buoyant sheathing materials, and using technology and expertise only available to Cortland.

Cortland’s strength member of choice is Vectran®, a high-performance liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fibre. Vectran® strength members have a balance of properties unmatched by other performance fibres, including Kevlar®. The attributes of Vectran® include excellent mechanical properties, property retention over a wide range of temperatures, low moisture pick up, and enhanced abrasion resistance.

The low density sheathing material provided as the sheath on Cortland tethers arguably offers the most significant advantage that has been provided in tethers for more than two decades. We offer a variety of sheathing materials and engineer our own compounds specific to our clients' needs, ensuring our customers receive the best product possible. The material offers a specific gravity of 0.78. This compares with specific gravities of traditionally used materials of 0.89. Perhaps of more importance, the Cortland proprietary material is tougher and significantly more abrasion resistant. Consequently, tethers using this sheathing material will be very much lighter and with the smallest diameter while exhibiting an extremely tough and abrasion resistant exterior.


  • Longstanding reputation for excellence
  • Market leading design and engineered solutions
  • Smallest possible tether diameters and bending diameters
  • High voltage & thin wall insulated cores up to 7.4kV
  • Operating temperatures up 257°F (125°C)
  • Operation proven fibre optics with both stainless steel tube & ruggedized fibre optic (ROC) cable
  • High integrity abrasion resistant synthetic strength member braids (i.e. Vectran®)
  • Exceptionally light weight and abrasion resistant sheath material