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ROV Main Lift Cables

We offer innovative, custom built ROV Main Lift Cable solutions with not only the smallest possible diameters but also the highest strength.

By manufacturing with the highest quality materials and the latest extrusion equipment and techniques, Cortland offers cores/conductors of the smallest possible diameter with a high voltage rating up to 7.4kV. Additionally the cores/conductors can be enhanced to provide a temperature rating of 257°F (125°C).

Furthermore, our design team has deep experience in fibre optic cable technology. We offer field proven fibre optics with either stainless loose tube technology or the Cortland ruggedized fibre optic (ROC) cable.

Our armour packages are produced using the highest grade tensile steels, which due to the manufacturing methodology provide excellent ductility, achieving the highest possible tensile strength. Due to our proven armour package design Cortland can ensure reduced torque and very low extension, all under full load conditions. The armour package is enhanced with a highly efficient corrosion inhibitor with a proven track record.

Our armoured ROV Main Lift Cables have been subjected to extensive mechanical testing including: cyclic testing over sheaves at the rated working load and at higher loads approaching 40% of break load. In addition, special cyclic testing has been undertaken to represent real operations, i.e. charging the sample at full working voltage, while continuously monitoring the performance of the electrical cores/conductors and the fibre optics and monitoring partial discharge. Other standard tests include break load and torque / rotation tests.

Cortland has proactively responded to the continued market need for increased operating voltages and has invested in the development and testing work required to prove our products suitable for voltages up to 7.4kV. This work includes: partial discharge evaluation, voltage testing and analysis to IEC/TS 61251:2008, step voltage breakdown testing, time to breakdown testing, Weibull analysis, and probability of failure analysis.