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Deep Water Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Cables

Cortland’s synthetic reinforced cables use strength members that incorporate high-performance fiber materials; i.e. Vectran®,  Kevlar® and Aramid, which are applied as servings or braided designs, and together with a selection of extrusion materials that enhance cable capability and ensure full function in a demanding environment. Cortland’s deep water and long length capability has produced cable solutions that have a strong track record of success, from tsunami buoy warning systems to ultra-long CTD cables for research.

One example of this is our Oceanographic Mooring Line systems, which are responsible for holding many of the world’s most important data collection buoys in place.

Oceanographic Mooring Systems, used for:

  • Ocean observing systems
  • Tsunami warning
  • Whale monitoring
  • Monitoring surface currents and up welling
  • Surface buoys
  • High current areas
  • Meteorological observation
  • Data collection for global warming
  • El Niño data collection


  • Deep ocean research cables
  • CTD cables
  • Hydrophone cables
  • Magnetometer cables

Special Cables

Our technical and manufacturing teams are not limited to these cables; we are committed to offering cables beyond the standard norm.