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Winch Lines

Using innovative, precision-driven technology, our range of high performance synthetic winch lines does everything steel wire ropes can, and more. Whether it is a portable winch for underground long-wall moves or a fixed winch system for tailing ponds, Cortland high performance braided ropes are rapidly increasing mine worker safety. Plasma® synthetic fiber is specially formulated and altered at a molecular level for optimum strength. Being up to 86% lighter than steel, winch lines made from Plasma® rope mean they’re easier to handle, quicker to rig, and safer to use too.

Common applications

  • Tilt trays
  • Conveyor belt winches
  • Cable puller
  • Maintenance track cables

Cortland’s Plasma® winch lines spool evenly, and pull off the drum easier than steel – strong, safe, and reliable every time. They offer superior flexibility and are easy to inspect; they will also not rust, corrode or fish hook as wire rope can. Cortland braided winch lines can be fabricated with specialty end terminations and hardware at our facility or through a Cortland distributor. Other synthetic fiber constructions are available from Cortland also, depending upon the application.

Trust Cortland Winch Lines

  • Easier to handle – unlike steel there are no skin-tearing sharp burrs
  • Up to 86% lighter than steel rope and far more flexible
  • No kinks – our synthetic ropes have no memory, whereas once steel wire cable kinks its strength is severely compromised
  • No whiplash (recoil) – they do not store energy so in the unlikely event a rope breaks, it simply falls to the ground instead of snapping back like steel
  • Supplied with chafe protection in standard or heavy duty SX chafe sleeving, with optional terminations to suit the clients application upon request
  • Fully certified, proof loaded and destruction tested to consistently meet international standards