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Tow and Recovery Cables

Offering greater safety, performance, and increased productivity, Cortland’s synthetic tow and recovery cables have transformed modern mining in tough environments with increased opportunity for larger breaking strains.

Cortland has been producing Plasma® tow cables since the early 1990s, and the biggest mining companies use them. Recovering heavy equipment stuck in mud can be a difficult and dangerous business. Personnel injuries caused by wire rope through fish-hook or bird cage potential; heavy and cumbersome materials; and/or overloading causing recoil or dangerous snap-back patterns are prevalent. But the low- to nil- energy absorption of Plasma® UHMPE fiber in 12 strand, and the exclusive patented 12x12 construction, provides safe sequential breaks if ruptured. They also provide greater strength than steel with less weight.

The secret is in the Plasma® high performance fiber. The 12-strand fiber is the strongest synthetic rope available – while our unique 12x12 construction produces the world’s strongest rope for its weight. The detail of product design covers not only the necessary lightweight pulling or lifting power, but cut- and chafe-protection also.
In head-to-head testing against competitive product, Cortland Plasma® always prevails as the best value.
Heavy vehicle applications
  • ​Dump trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Dozers
  • Loaders
Light vehicle applications
  • Rescue
  • Emergency
  • Small utility