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Lifting Slings

Cortland’s patented Plasma® rope is strong enough for very heavy lifts yet durable for repeated use. All Plasma® lifting slings and assemblies conform to ASME B30.9 standards and can be constructed and tested to an AS standard upon request. Our exclusive Plasma® technology processes HMPE fibers into maximum strength efficiency. These fibers are then braided into a torque-free rope which is firm, yet flexible, and offers the ability to produce extremely long lengths. Utilizing the largest 12-strand braider in the world, Cortland can produce extremely large diameters (up to 200mm) and long lengths of Plasma® rope.

These slings are extremely popular in the mining industry because of their light weight, ease in handling, and durability. Unlike wire rope slings, Plasma® rope lifting slings are extremely easy to inspect from the inside or out. They are our most “cut-resistant” slings and will have far longer service lives than wire rope if used correctly.

Cortland not only supplies certified lifting slings to replace wire or commodity synthetic slings, but also designs and fabricates specialty sling assemblies for truck bed lifting, electric shovel maintenance, and mine operation field specialty slings (ex: track puller slings, etc.). Plasma® lifting slings can be proof-loaded to (2) times WLL and tag-certified for use and future inspections. RFID chips in the tags are placed for inspection and reference.

Cortland offers its Plasma® mine lifting slings in four basic forms:

  • Eye-to-eye slings
  • Grommet (endless loop) slings
  • Multi-leg (2, 3 or 4) leg assemblies
  • Specialty lifting assemblies

With all necessary chafe gear and/or thimble hardware to meet the job requirements.