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Cortland is a trusted provider of synthetic rope solutions
for mining applications


Tow and recovery cables, specialty lifting slings and assemblies, and winch lines…for years the mining industry has relied on steel wire rope for many uses. But combining 25 years’ experience with innovative technology and high performance fibers, Cortland has the ideal solution: a range of certified high performance synthetic sling and rope solutions for critical applications.

Traditional steel wire ropes are heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig, and are dangerous if broken in application due to stored energy causing recoil with potential injuries. Cortland Plasma® synthetic rope products for mining, engineered for durability, are the recognized safety, performance and quality standard for replacing steel wire rope or chain. Plasma® high strength synthetic fiber ropes are remarkably light and incredibly strong. They are durable and will not rust, corrode, fish-hook or bird cage. Whether it is ultra-short lengths with precise length tolerances, or large diameter long lengths in various sling configurations, trust Cortland.