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Suture Assemblies

Suture AssembliesUnparalleled Experience with Synthetic Fibers
It’s about controlling forces. Fundamentally, medical textiles are similar in design to larger ropes and cables. Cortland’s industrial heritage provides us with a unique insight into how textiles interact with their environment, anchors and fittings.

High performance medical textiles can yield important benefits for device designers:

  • Controlled stretch
  • High fatigue / life cycle
  • High flexibility
  • Swaged
  • Pull cable

Elegant Solutions
Driven by the need to streamline procedures, eliminate knots, or minimize invasiveness to offer improved outcomes and proper support for the patient’s lifetime, Cortland’s fabricated assemblies provide elegant solutions to your challenging projects.  Common assemblies include:

  • Custom mechanical assemblies
  • Looped wire
  • Pre-assembled loop to anchors, buttresses, etc.

Possible applications include:

  • Tethers
  • Continuous loops
  • Cerclage cables
  • Robotic assemblies
  • Robotic and mechanical actuators

A Trusted Partner
Safeguarding our customers’ intellectual property is our most important contribution. Our culture of confidentiality ensures that all information shared between us and our clients is protected from the very first meeting to final delivery. Strict adherence to information sensitivity means that our customers have the confidence to fully engage with our engineering team to develop unique textile solutions.

By understanding the different issues that our customers are trying to solve, it allows us to create a very good solution for their application.  We tailor solutions to your requirements; call us today or request a quotation.