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Cortland is a full-service, product development partner that provides you with access to a spectrum of global capabilities. We’re a business partner that can help take your product idea off the drawing board and make it a reality. If you can imagine it, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve it. All of the products we create are custom-manufactured to our customer’s specifications and/or application.

Past product development services have included:

  • High strength sutures and loops for orthopedic applications including sports medicine
  • Braided sutures for general surgery
  • Cardiovascular sewing threads, for example: used in stent/graft applications and heart valves
  • Tethers in component applications used in endoscopy as well as spinal applications
  • Braided constructs that are used in neurovascular, for example: braided stents
  • Actuator cables that are used in robotics
  • Sternum closures
  • Cerclage cables
  • Pacing leads that require reinforcement
  • High pressure balloon reinforcement
  • Catheter reinforcement
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